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What is QR Codes and why and for what people use QR Code, What is QR Code? must have seen QR code somewhere like shopkeepers also use QR code to take payment in a shop, let us tell you QR Code is used for many methods, so today we are going to tell you about all those methods.

What is Qr code?

And let us tell you that you can use QR Codes to visit any website, in today's article we are going to tell you in detail about what are QR Codes, then after that, we will know about Mobile Se QR Code Kaise Scan Kare In this heading, we will know how to use QR code in your smartphone, through which you can use QR Code in many ways, right after that you will know if you have a jio phone. If you want to use a QR code in it, you want to know how to scan QR codes from Jio Phone, in which you will learn to use QR code in some easy ways.

Then after that we know how to create a QR Code of Web Page, if you want to create a QR Code of any of your web pages, then you can read this article and make some more, we are going to tell you about the use of QR Code. so let's know What is QR Codes Full Form The full form of QR Code is a Quick Response code Which is what you see as a circular barcode.

QR Codes are technology readable QR Codes that can be read only by a machine barcode reader, the information contained inside it is written in the form of hypertext. QR Code looks like a circular barcode.

Now you know where QR Code was first started, then it was first developed in Japan, seeing QR Code, you feel exactly like UPC barcodes, you can use QR Code in many ways, in this you can store more and more information. can do If seen, QR Code is being used everywhere. Because the world is slowly becoming digital, nowadays people use QR Code to take payment, it is also being used in the payment gateway, you can also use QR Code to track the product. QR Code is also being used in the website

How to Scan QR Code from Mobile

First, we have to know what is QR Code, now we will know how to use QR Code on mobile and how to scan QR Code from mobile, so let's know To use QR code in your phone, it is necessary to have a QR Code app in your phone, so today all phones have QR Code app by default.

How to Scan QR Code from Jio Phone

If you use a Jio phone, then you can also use QR Code in Jio Phone in some easy ways, then first of all you have to open the browser of your Jio Phone by searching the website the qr code generator in the Google search bar. You have to open it by clicking on its many and clicking on the scan option, or if the website asks you for some permission, then you have to do it, then after that, you can scan the QR code, you can use it easily.

How to Create a QR Code for a Web Page

So let's know how to create a web page, for that first you have to open your Chrome browser, then after that whatever web page you want to create QR Code, first of all, open it in the browser.

Then after clicking on the right side, many options will open in front of you, you can create the QR code of that webpage by clicking on Create QR Code For This Page and download it if you want to be seen by everyone. For that, you can take out the print of the QR Code, through which you can put this QR Code on your shop and its poster anywhere 

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