For What Purpose is Distomat Used ?

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For What Purpose is Distomat Used ?

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For What Purpose is Distomat Used ?

Distomat is the most precise and modern EDM instrument. Used for the easy measurement of distances

Distomat is a registered trade name used by wild for their electronic distance measurement(EDM) instruments 

Distomat measures 

• distances by simply pointing the instrument to a reflector and reading the result

• For measuring the distance between two points Two distomats are used one at each

• station one is called master distomat which sets the signal. 

• And the other is called remote distomat which receives, monitor and reflects back the signal.

Distomat Working principle

  • Distomat transmits an infrared beam
  • which is reflected back to the unit by the
  • reflector.
  • Distomat records the time taken by the
  • ray to come back to the receiving end.
  • With this the distance taken for the travel
  • by the ray is calculated automatically and displayed.

Distomat Advantages 

• In this instrument it searches the

• remote station with in 2-3 s and because of the tilting axis it can be

• pointed like a theodolite telescope

 • It can measure distances from 20 m to

• 150 km

Popular models of distomat

  • Distomat D. (1000) 
  • Distomat D,- 5s 
  • Distomat D,- 3000 
  • Distomat D IOR - 3002 
  • Tachymet TC - 2000

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